Love Wins | Love Trumps Hate | Love is Love is Love is Love

Several days have passed since the tragedy in Orlando at Pulse Nightclub happened. My heart is heavy and my head can't make sense of the madness required to commit such an atrocious act. I wracked my brain trying to figure out how I can make a difference while showing my support to the LGBTQ community here in St. Louis. In the darkness of the early morning, it hit me that I have a small gift, the gift of love, that I can easily share with OUR brothers and sisters. In honor of each of the forty-nine lives so senselessly lost, I am offering my complimentary services to any couple that identifies as LGBTQ that wishes to marry.

Please help me get the word out. Be a part of the solution. Share this message with your friends and suggest they do the same. As Lin-Manuel Miranda said, "Love is love is love is love." Your support will ensure that LOVE WINS.

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Peace & Love,

Rev. Jessica Winter