Guilty As Charged


Between spending my time being mama to Herr Winter der Junge and Fraulein Winter and working on building my business, I don't have much time for guilty pleasures. Just last night (really early this morning), my darling Fraulein kept me awake for a few hours I would have rather been dreaming. We woke up several hours later than normal and my business pursuits were delayed for the day.

I have so little time for anything but the essentials at the moment that I questioned whether I even have any. I looked up the definition for clarification but still had to ask Herr Winter what he thought my guilty pleasures were. He only came up with two: eating brownies (which make me far happier than they should) and watching "The Real World & Challenges" on MTV (I haven't done that in three years when I got rid of cable).

A guilty pleasure here and there never hurt anyone. In fact, I think during stressful times, like when you're planning a wedding, you should indulge at least a little. You can even include your guilty pleasures into your wedding ceremony or reception. It is an excellent way of including a bit of your authentic character and celebrating what makes you YOU! 

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