If I won the lottery...

...I know just what I would do with the money.   Since I don't play the lottery these little fantasies are just a fun little way you all can see where I go in my mind when it's time to dream.

First of all, I'd pay off my dang debt. Who wants to have that baggage hanging over their head any longer than they have to, right? Check that off the list, pronto! 

The very next thing I would do is find myself a large piece of wooded land and get to building my very own sustainable tiny village. I say village because I would want to have a bunch of tiny houses for all my family and close friends on the property. They could come and go as they pleased and stay as long as they liked. There would also need to be a small chapel and a reception hall for Petit Cadeau Ministries. I would have beautiful flower gardens and lovely locations for photos near the chapel and hall. It would also have to have a barn so I can have a little farm. A large area would be needed for the community food garden, too. A village wouldn't be sustainable without its own food source, now would it? Oh, and a small vineyard because wine. 

After I have my village purchased and under way, I would buy an old, charming city building that had an apartment above and a storefront below. Both could be rented out (Airbnb anyone?) when my family and I were at the village. Oh, yeah. I'd buy a new electric or hybrid SUV for myself and a car for Herr Winter.

Finally, I would hire an accountant to keep the remaining money growing so I could focus on giving my children a happy life; so Herr Winter could work for passion and not money; so my family and friends always had an escape if they needed it; so I could give to charities for causes dear to my heart; and, so I could be surrounded by nature, animals, people I love, and plenty of happy couples ready to start their lives together. And wine!

Like I said before, I don't play the lottery so I don't expect these dreams to come to fruition in one fell swoop. But I AM happy to work hard to earn my dreams. Who can help me out? All I ask is that you pass my name along with my website and I will do the rest. Your support means the world to me...and with wine on the line, why wouldn't you want to help? 😉🥂

Rev Jessica Winter