Best Physical Feature

Talking about myself is not something I enjoy. I get embarrassed when people give me compliments. As a child, I wore glasses and was often made to feel ugly and a nerd because of it. I was very thin until I got into my twenties and was made to feel bad about that, too.

I find it strange how there is our inner self that can feel so different from the person we are to the world. I mean, I can look at myself now and think, ok, you're not looking so bad there, Rev. Or, hey, Rev. You're looking nice today. As soon as someone mentions my physical features I internally become that awkward, insecure kid.

Because I am writing for this #31dayblogchallenge, I have to divulge what I feel are my best physical features. I'm sure it's cliche or typical to say that a person's eyes are their best feature but that's where I'm going to put the emphasis. I think my eyes are a nice shape and are full of expression. I suppose they're a nice enough shade of blue (although I've always loved brown). If you read my post about my Pet Peeves, you may think I have anger issues after I tell you that I had a boss tell me he swore he saw my eyes go red when I was angry.

I think if you really watch my eyes, you'll be able to see what I'm thinking. As pretty as they may be, they fill up with tears far too easily and often at awkward times. Eyes are naturally a main focus for me when I'm getting to know someone because they are a true reflection of our character. I've been known to spot an inner thought not otherwise displayed on that person's visage.

No matter the color of your eyes, the depth of their reflection, if you are planning your wedding day, please allow me to draw from your vision of the perfect day to make your wedding fit the intentions of your soul. I can be reached by phone or text at 314.965.0974 or email at I look forward to meeting you.


Goofing with my mini, Fraulein Winter.


The eyes are mine. The lashes, crown, and lipstick belong to Snapchat. 


Pregnant with Herr Winter der Junge, July 2013. Photo Credit: Lauri Winter-Freire of Winter-Freire Photography

Rev Jessica Winter