Aries Dream Wedding

Aries Wedding

Aries takes that Queen {or King} for the Day title totally to heart when it comes to planning a wedding. The most royal and extravagant settings are what the Aries Bride or Groom desires. They don't mind being the center of attention. In fact, they LOVE IT! Elle Magazine says they should "...go bold with hair and makeup and hire the best photog. Then make it a royal affair with a 10-foot train, lavish ceremony, and flowers everywhere." All hail the Aries Bride or Groom!

Aries Bridal & Groom Attire

Your Style: Aries is very much a fashion aficionado and find passion and creativity in showing off their excellent tastes in what they wear. The Aries Bride will choose a simple dress that is anything but plain. It may have classic lines but be sure to find the unexpected element, like the lowback and bow details in the beautiful Rosa Clará gown shown above. The Aries Groom will choose refinement in a classic tux with tails but an unpredictable mix of solid coat with solid vest, pinstripe tails, and the very elegant English cravat similar to that shown above. Top hat is optional.

The Details: Aries Colors are all shades of Red. Poppies, Thistles, and Ferns are Aries Plants. Examples of these are shown in the above bouquet and boutonniere photos found on Pinterest.

Aries Reception

Elegance and refinement are the best words to describe the style an Aries nearlywed will choose when planning their reception. The photo above taken by Buffy Dekmar Photography is a good starting point for the ultimate in Aries style. The floral runner is definitely on trend but to make it speak that much more to the Aries soul, Aries plants like poppy, thistle, and ivy should be used in place of the whites and some of the greenery.

Aries Signature Cocktail

Photo courtesy Elle Decor

Photo courtesy Elle Decor

Aries Honeymoon

You would think that the most fitting honeymoon destination for an Aries would be some European castle but this social butterfly is always on the hunt for dynamic and interesting locations that offer plenty of activities and places to explore. Locations like Cambodia or Laos offer an exotic place not traditionally chosen by American newlyweds. These countries give the Aries Bride or Groom plenty of opportunities for adventure when they are exploring ancient temples and outdoor sights.

Next week will be all about the best and worst love match for Aries along with various other interesting facts you may not know. Until then, à bientot!! -- RevFrau Winter