Ask Me Why

Hello! So nice to meet you again!!

If you've been reading this blog, you may feel like you've gotten to know me. To get into the groove of writing again and learning how to blog, I did a #31dayblogchallenge. The challenge had prescribed topics, many of which were sometimes excruciating for me to write about and share mostly because I didn't see how they pertained to a Wedding Officiating business.

Now that I'm own my own with whole blog thing, you're going to get to know me and my business far better. I'm excited to share my ideas and plans with you and PLEASE send me feedback and ideas.

But before I forget--THANK YOU--to all of you for following me here and on Instagram, liking my Facebook business page, and showing your support.

Do You Want to Know a Secret?


The secret isn't something I haven't revealed before but I wanted to reiterate what I plan this blog to be about going forward. Wednesday is my dedicated day to blog because, duh, I was born on a Wednesday and naturally that is the day I have deemed mine.

Anyway, I'm actually quite excited about the direction I'm taking this because it has the potential for me to share my astrological knowledge, learn more about aspects of lesser known astrologies {Cherokee, Egyptian, Mayan, Numerology}, and offer suggestions for how these could relate to someone getting married.

I plan to feature wedding couples as their weddings approach, share information I learn at industry events, and ideas I have along the way. There be an occasional post about the adventures and misgivings of Herr Winter der Junge and Fraulein Winter. We'll see. I pretty much write as I think it.

Please Please Me


Seeing that I'm currently a one woman show, you dear readers, are my team of people. With that in mind, I want to appeal to those of you that have used me as your officiant or for those of you that have attended any of the weddings I have officiated. If you have a moment, would you be willing to rate my services and/or write a review for my Facebook page or a testimonial I can use for my website? It doesn't have to be much other than an honest glimpse at what you've witnessed. It would mean so much to me and I would look at it as your Petit Cadeau from you to me.

I Saw Her Standing There


International Women's Day is not a Day I recall knowing about from years past but I do believe every person has a place on this earth and they are all worthy of the same liberties and rights. Women literally give life to our planet and have long been either denied credit for their tremendous contributions or made to believe their value was less. Watch out fellas. Because when women unite, they don't stop until they've won the fight. It's about damn time we had equal rights.

*To confirm, the Beatles are in HEAVY rotation at Chez Winter and all the titles within this post are song titles from their album titled "Please Please Me."



Rev Jessica Winter