Earth to Virgo, Come In Virgo

Virgo Lucky Colors - Pale Green, Gray, Beige, Lilac

Virgo Lucky Colors - Pale Green, Gray, Beige, Lilac


Signs of the Times

Virgo | August 23 - September 22

Astrological Symbol for Virgo

Astrological Symbol for Virgo

On August 23rd we entered the realm of the Maiden, the Virgin, the Healer. We will be working our way through Virgo—the sixth sign of the zodiac—until September 22nd. Virgo rules the sixth house, the house that defines how we take care of ourselves. It is the second of three earth signs (the first being Taurus and the third being Capricorn). Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication.

Virgo is defined by organized, detail-oriented, and inherently helpful people with altruistic behavior. These hardworking folks are day-doers, NOT daydreamers. Above all, Virgos want to be useful. They truly care about people. In fact, a warm, loving relationship brings out the best in them and it's not in their nature to be all showy and emotional.

The Maiden is a kind, devoted, and very loyal partners. They tirelessly try to serve their loved ones. The Virgin represents purity of motive, modesty, industriousness, and service to oneself and one’s talents toward helping others. The Maiden is commonly pictured holding a shaft of wheat meant to symbolize the utilization of ideas and skills to benefit (nourish) the world.

Virgo is my opposite, my North Node, and where I find my Saturn in Retrograde. My North Node description tells me that once my loyalty is given I can be trusted with many of the practical aspects of any project that I undertake. It also says I can be quite unselfish, and that I will spend long hours in service to any worthy cause that demands my attention. These aspects are certainly how I relate to my business and my couples. Being a part of your big day is something I take very seriously and will do everything I can to make my part in it special and detailed in ways most others wouldn't think to be.


Virgo, do you Copy?



Virgos are by nature shy and reserved. They prefer one-on-one encounters, and when they have those encounters they offer the full benefit of their sharp insight and discerning opinions. Most people don't know until they've had such an encounter with a Virgo that they are very well-read, perceptive, charming, and witty.

Mercury, ruler of communication

Mercury, ruler of communication

Whether you are a Virgo or not, have a significant presence of Mercury in your chart or not, communication is probably THE most important element of a successful relationship. Communication is something that as humans we take for granted. Some of us communicate in the most obvious ways--through voice, through writing, through body language. Some of us communicate in ways others just can't comprehend--though I don't read auras I sure can get a good feel of your emotional state, and even I can only chalk that up to intuition. Despite some otherworldly talents revolving around communication, it is highly important that you communicate with your partner and that your partner clearly understands you. I can't tell you how many silly arguments Herr Winter and I have gotten into saying the same thing but using different words. Our partners aren't mind-readers (usually not, anyway) and no matter how obvious you think the message you're sending to your partner is, if you aren't explicitly telling them, you may as well be delivering it to them with blindfolds on and their ears covered. It's easy to forget that the person we are with for years on end may not actually be able to read our minds because they know so much about us that even we don't remember until they remind us. But, when it comes to communication, be explicit with your partner so you can avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.

I've been digging deeper into understanding natal charts and found that the personality of Mr./Mrs. "Perfect" (total aside: I am actually going to be in attendance and presiding over the ceremony of Monsieur et Madame Parfait in just over a week. How fun is that??!!). Men look to where Venus resides within their chart and women look to where Mars resides within their chart. Using myself and Herr Winter as examples, my Mars resides in Pisces and Herr Winter's Venus resides in Aries. I don't know of the significance of this but it seems my Mars and his Venus are in the signs where both our moons reside. Where our moon resides gives insight into who we truly are, the version of ourselves we don't show to anyone. It seems there really is something to the whole-"Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus."-thing. Not sure about which sign your moon is in or what house your Venus resides in? Get a free natal chart from my favorite AstroTwins.


Philanthropic Voluntourism Milestone



A few weeks ago, I began contemplating how to celebrate the impending milestone birthday I'll be celebrating in six month's time. The dreaded BIG 4-0!

The philanthropic aspect of the Facebook Birthday Fundraising Campaign that began last year really appeals to me but it doesn't feel BIG ENOUGH for how HUGE this milestone is. I thought maybe I'd finally try to take a tropical beach vacation with Herr Winter since my desire for tropical adventure with my husband intensified almost three years ago when Fraulein Winter was born. Nope! Still not BIG ENOUGH. For years, I've wanted to go on a volunteer trip--a mission--but never took the plunge because I couldn't find anyone to travel with me for that purpose. Ding! Ding! Ding! That's it!!

I knew there had to be a way to combine all these desires for doing some good in the world in a BIG WAY to make turning 40 something to celebrate and not dread. With Virgo also being known as The Healer of the zodiac, I'm taking every bit of into me to focus on healing a part of the world so looking at turning 40 can be something bigger and better than me. That's when Puerto Rico popped in my head. Back in 2001, Herr Winter and I took a vacation to San Juan and we fell in love with the island, the culture, the FOOD! I told him I wanted to retire there but we have never gotten back.

When Hurricane Maria destroyed the island in the fall of 2017 with its 155 mph ferocious winds and the lack of response from our government in helping these devastated people—these AMERICAN citizens—I knew I needed to help. I donated what little money I could spare. That was it! I had to go to Puerto Rico to help rebuild. I began researching organizations doing this repair work and came across All Hands & Hearts - Smart Response. Check out this awesome organization to see what extensive work they've been doing in Puerto Rico as well as Texas, Hawaii, the US & British Virgin Islands, Dominica, Mexico, Indonesia, & Nepal. I am pledging to raise money to offset the costs of me staying on campus and to help restore resources used by the volunteers of All Hands & Hearts.

As the worst natural disaster in Puerto Rico's history, All Hands & Hearts - Smart Response opened two programs in Puerto Rico: one in Barranquitas and another in Yabucoa.

On my birthday I will be traveling to Yabucoa, where our work will include mucking and gutting, debris removal, mold sanitation, tree removal, and demolition; however, the greatest need in Yabucoa is also roof repairs and minor home repairs. The geographic scope includes both Yabucoa and Humacao municipalities. I will be volunteering from March 1st through 9th of 2019.

Please donate today to help the thousands of people affected in Puerto Rico who desperately need assistance.


Devil is in the Details


Altar’d Events,  11 S Newstead Ave, St. Louis, MO 63108

One of the overriding characteristics of the Virgo personality is their attention to detail. For a Virgo Bride there is no company better in the St. Louis area to take care of all your wedding day details than the ladies of Altar'd Events. Alissa and team (I worked with Callan Pratt-Piacentini on a wedding in November 2017) are all kinds of organized AND creative AND professional AND FUN! Give them your vision (and, yes, your money) and you will be living the life of the non-stressed, non-traditional bride. Or be the traditional bride. They can do that, too. Whatever you do, check out their portfolio to see evidence of their gorgeous work. Seriously, their Bi-Plane Inspiration Shoot had me swooning and secretly hoping Herr Winter would get down on his knee and ask me to marry him again.

And if you want to get a preview of their personalities without commitment, check out the fabulous wedding show they will be throwing on March 03, 2019 called Off White Indie Wedding Show. This will be their tenth year hosting the show and it is all you could want and need if you consider yourself a "hip, non-traditional couple. Unlike the big-box wedding shows you might be used to, Off White focuses on unique & truly personal service." Additionally, their "approach offers ALL couples the opportunity to connect with amazing wedding pros in an intimate setting."


Grounded but ready to Soar


Taking what I can from Virgo's influence on the heavens, organization is front of mind because September 1st kicks off weeks of weddings and races. I can hardly wait!!

I love wedding season and I look forward to watching all my couples begin the next phase of their relationships with the commitment they make before all their friends and family. I have a wedding at the Zoo, another in Forest Park, followed by another on an island in the Mississippi River the next day. I have a wedding at a gorgeous old Abbey, a beautifully restored historic chapel, a winery, a conservatory, a farm, and that’s all by the middle of October!

To balance out my work schedule and keep my sanity, I am geared up to run in lots of races. Most of the races are for fun--Oktoberfest 5k, Halloween 5k--while the rest are for various purposes: one 5k is for a cause dear to a past Petit Cadeau couple, one is a 21-mile March to the Arch to honor the lives lost on 9/11 and beyond, one is my second full marathon, and one is to pace my running idol in the final 25 miles of a 100-mile race she is running.

If I do it right, the Scales of Justice will be in perfect balance when the calendar rolls into Libra on September 23. I will have spent a good deal of time with my couples, even more time with my family getting ready to celebrate der Junge Herr Winter's 5th birthday, staying active, and working toward a good cause. I can always use your help, too. Help keep me busy into the new year. Spread the word about my business and there just may be a small token of thanks headed your way.

Until we meet again...


peace, love, prost


RevFrau Jessica Winter




Rev Jessica Winter