Livin’ La Vida Leo

Leo’s Lucky Colors - Gold, Royal Purple, Orange

Leo’s Lucky Colors - Gold, Royal Purple, Orange


Signs of the Times

Leo | July 22 - August 21

Astrological symbol for Leo

Astrological symbol for Leo

With the Sun being the ruler of the Lions, it makes sense that this blog is being resurrected during the month of Leo. Life revolves around the sun and, therefore, revolves around Leo (or so they believe). Beginning back on July 22 and continuing through until August 21, Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac, and is the sign of love.

With love in mind, I decided I needed a way to remain connected to my couples through a monthly newsletter of sorts that includes astrologically-influenced relationship advice, date night ideas, reviews of St. Louis area wedding vendors, suggestions for wedding inspiration, and bits of information about how the sun, moon, stars and planets can affect how we relate to each other. My least favorite thing about officiating weddings is that the time spent with my seriously awesome couples is typically limited to only a few encounters when I often feel like great friendships could made.


Turn up the Heat

Fiery Romance


Leos and the rest of us may have a hard time this month with the romance thermostat thanks to Mercury and several other planets currently moving in retrograde.

The 2nd of 3 in 2018

The 2nd of 3 in 2018

What is retrograde, you ask? Eons ago, when humans first started learning about planets and defining their relationship with how they effect us (the foundations of astrology), they found that at certain times planets would appear to change direction in the sky. Instead of a planet’s normal clockwise movement, during the retrograde phase it would appear to be going counterclockwise. The planets don’t actually have a switch in their orbit. It’s just a matter of physical perspective between Earth’s position and the planet(s) in retrograde.

When a planet is in retrograde we are tasked with turning inward and reflecting on the lessons defined by that planet. Using Mercury as an example, it controls communication and thought. When Mercury goes retrograde a few times each year, it helps to slow down our thoughts, especially when communicating things of importance because it is common to have misunderstandings during this time. There are often breakdowns in communication be they interpersonal communications or those of the technological persuasion. 

Leos like their romance hot and fiery but during Mercury Retrograde we are all more likely to get heated up by losing our temper in fits of rage or bursting with passion for an ex-flame that comes back into the picture. Business contracts and travel arrangements are known to fall through during this time. Don’t get burned while Mercury moves backwards in the night sky. It will be direct (moving clockwise) again on August 18th, when all things communication will go back to normal and real romance can resume.


Amusing the Masses one Tarot Card at a Time

Childlike Fun

The Fortune Teller Bar, 2635 Cherokee St, St. Louis, MO 63118


For several years I’ve wanted to make my way to The Fortune Teller Bar but being that the last several years I’ve been making and raising my two babes, it wasn’t until just this July that it worked out that I had the opportunity to check it out. The name alone was enough to pique my interest. The occult-inspired decor hooked my inner interior designer (did I mention I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design?). I found out that they have fortune tellers there nightly as well as classes to learn more about astrology and reading tarot. I was fully intrigued.

Earlier this year I saw that one of my high school classmates got married there. You can bet seeing this that I want to officiate at least one wedding there. What better place for a Halloween wedding?! Anybody want to get married this All Hallow’s Eve?? I know this really rad Wedding Officiant that loves dressing in costume and would be happy to officiate your wedding as any ghoul you like.


Not in the market to get married or already hitched? Head there for a date night of good drinks, great food (check out The Cut. You can’t go wrong with the BLT. The house made bacon will having you squealing with delight.), and a fantastically fun tarot or palm reading. Every month they host a birthday party for people born in the sign of the month. I attended the Leo Birthday Party with a Leo who got an extensive, yearlong preview tarot reading. When you don’t have a burning question in mind this is a good way to go and will leave you with plenty to contemplate. Who wouldn’t want to know what their year or their partner’s year may hold?


Mirror, Mirror

Prideful Vanity

Leo Bridal Hair Inspo - photo//  @veinandvessel  - makeup+hair//  @eyedostl  - dress//  @kirstenpaige

Leo Bridal Hair Inspo - photo// @veinandvessel - makeup+hair// @eyedostl - dress// @kirstenpaige

When I think of Leos the song, “Sexy and I Know It” starts playing on repeat in my head. A Leo Bride or Groom will be the center of attention on their wedding day but that’s not a stretch for them because they are always the center of attention. They have an unrivaled high sense of self-esteem, are authoritative, opinionated, and proud.

A curly, soft half-updo style for their wedding day like the one pictured above done by a local makeup and hair stylist from EyedoSTL would suit them well. Volume and abundant hair are outward expressions of the lion’s flowing mane. Leo is about being stylish and regal yet warm and formal. Give the Lion a crown and she’ll wear it like the queen she knows she is.



Shooting (For Five) Stars

Inspiring Trust

Real-life Petit Cadeau Couple

Real-life Petit Cadeau Couple

When you’re looking for a Wedding Officiant, you should look for someone with experience (I have 15 years under my belt), someone  you can trust and feel comfortable with (my goal is that you feel I’m a part of your family), and someone that offers simplicity and ease (despite the obvious importance of the ceremony, this phase of planning should be stress-free). While I’m not particularly fond of tooting my own horn like Leos, I have no problem when others do. Take PCM Groom, Brian’s, word for why you should hire me as your Wedding Officiant.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of 5: Brian said, “When my fiance told me she had found Jessica on a web search I was skeptical of going the "non-traditional" route. We set up a call and from the moment we began discussing our vision she made us feel so at ease. She answered every question we had, offered advice only when asked for it, and always had resources and references at the ready when we needed help.

From the planning stages to the execution of the ceremony, we could not have been any happier with reverend Jessica. Her attention to detail is outstanding and she is just a genuinely kind and good person. She was so thoughtful in every element of the planning and I almost felt like she treated our wedding as if it was her own family member. She was that good.

Giving Jessica five stars feels like I'm shorting her a couple stars. I cannot recommend her strongly enough. Her passion for making your day as special as it can be is apparent and she's the type of person that you want to see succeed. I would encourage everyone to not only consider Jessica, but to hire her. You won't be sorry.”

I am humbled by my clients with their sincerity and kind words. It is an honor to be hired to play such a big part of such an important day in my couples’ lives.


Ready, Set, Roar

Coming to a Sixth House Near You

The remainder of Leo and the month of August has me soaking in the last of the summer rays as I prepare for a vacation to Colorado for none other than a wedding (yay for being a guest!), sending my son back to school for his second year of Pre-K (darn those September birthdays), and preparing for the insane but welcome busy-ness of wedding business come September through mid-October. And speaking of Shooting Stars, look to the heavens between August 11th and 13th for peak viewing of the Perseid Meteor Shower for 60-100 meteors per hour! I've spent many August nights lying under the evening sky to watch the Perseids dance across the sky and I can't wait to catch a glimpse while in the mountains. I can't wait!!

Like a Leo charging toward their prey, my eyes are set on success. I have 8 weddings scheduled between September 1st and October 13th. I’m training for my second full marathon in six years with various smaller races before and after. I also have to come up with plans for my son’s fifth birthday party and my daughter’s third birthday party. With all these plans you would think I would be exhausted just thinking about all that is to come and yet I haven’t been this invigorated in a long time.

My wedding season is upon me and I couldn’t be happier. In fact, I’d love it if you’d share my information with anyone you know that may want: an outdoor wedding; an elopement cermony; or, a curious and unique marriage experience. I am a Pisces and as the chameleon of the zodiac, I can mold myself to be just the right fit for what a person has in mind for his/her Wedding Officiant.

(Seriously, if you or someone you know wants to get married on Halloween, contact me right away!)

Until next time...


peace, love, prost


RevFrau Jessica Winter